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Sugar Bowl

Sugar Bowl

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- Designed by: Mariela Schwarz Montiel
- Dishwasher safe
- Capacity: 200ml

Product Description

Slender black and gold curves adorn the new Raynaud porcelain, designed in-house by the creative team. Delicate and elegant, Oskar evokes the spirit of Bauhaus, the famous German school of the early 20th century that combined fine art with craftsmanship, and remains a strong influence on contemporary design. Four geometric motifs are formed by opposing curves in alternating gold and intense black, enveloping the pieces in an open or tighter mesh effect. The black and gold stand out against the pure white Raynaud porcelain, creating contrasting effects that vary depending on the pattern. German on her father’s side and very attached to this country, where she studied at the Berlin School of the Arts, Mariela Schwarz Montiel likes to reference the innovative, free spirit of the Bauhaus school, reinterpreted with the elegance and femininity that characterises Raynaud's designs. This tableware service is named after her young German godson, Oskar.

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