Vendor: Meissen

Type: Ming Dragon

Starter & Dessert Plate

Sku: CMM/MD/005

  • Regular price £337

Product Details

- Designer / Artist: Meissen Atelier
- Year of Creation: 2018

Product Description

With "VITRUV", MEISSEN has created a distinctive tableware series for sophisticated modern dining: a purist statement, sleek yet bold, that is simultaneously a demonstration of exceptional craftsmanship and skill. For this series, the "Ming Dragon", one of the manufactory's oldest design motifs, has been reinterpreted in sepia tones on selected pieces. In Chinese mythology, the dragon symbolises supernatural wisdom, the spirit of change, the rhythm of nature and the theory of existence. It represents the sun, the light and the male power of yang. Ornately hand painted in dynamic poses onto dinner plates, the dragon lends the sleek tableware an elegant character while at the same time highlighting the timelessness of its design. The puristic form allows for a wide variety of possible arrangements, and the "Ming Dragon" collection can be paired with "Graphic" in glazed white or bisque finishes to create stunning combinations.

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