Vendor: Herend

Type: Fleurasion CD

Teaset for 2

Sku: PHE/TS/007

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Product Details

- Hand painted
- Gilded with gold detail
- Relief porcelain
- Floral

Product Description

The new Fleuraison collection is a worthy representative for Herend's master craftsmanship. Detailed elaboration and harmonic colour scheme of the objects date back to archetypes pf the 18th century. To this day, originals of the Fleuraison collection are considered to be outstanding presitige pieces of porcelain. Each Bravura piece reqiures great professional skills from the porcelain making experts as modelers, porcelain makers and painters. The Modelers form three dimensional life-like flower, leaf and branch applications one by one and quickly apply them onto the objects before drying. The painting of these ornaments requires special attention from the painters because the petals are decorated in great detail. This Fleuraison design is painted in a multicolured colour way.

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