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- Made in France
- Capacity: 1000ml

Product Description

Porcelaines Raynaud has created a magical collection with an enchanting décor designed in collaboration with Fromental, a well-known name in British interior design. Inspiration for this pattern was drawn from Fromental’s Chinoiserie wallpaper collection, which represents the exoticism and luxuriance of nature overflowing with butterflies and birds of paradise. This vision of a welcoming and untouched natural world leads us on a dreamlike journey. Raynaud brings a modern twist to wallpaper patterns transferred to streamlined shapes, with the focus on patterns and the way they are centred varying according to the piece. The main pieces are available in turquoise, with a multicoloured pattern enhanced by a metallic coloured background echoing the woven effect of wallpaper. In line with Cristobal and Verdures patterns, “Paradis” is now writing a new chapter in the story which links Raynaud with decorators.

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