Vendor: Moser

Type: Rouge

Ocean Green Rose Caorle

Sku: SJJG/EX/659

  • Regular price £4,598

Product Details

- Created in 2018
- Mouth blown
- Handcut
- Hand polished

Product Description

Inspired by the history of Italian architecture, this stunning cut glass vase demands attention and admiration. Sharp edges and angles combine with exquisite, subtle hues of colour to create the atmosphere of an underwater world. An outstandingly elegant and unique piece demonstrating a contemporary take on both shape and colour.

Through the confident, precise hexagonal cut, the Caorle vase clearly shows that it is part of the elite Moser family. The masterful craftsmanship and inventive design gained this vase a prestigious award from the Tableware International Awards of Excellence in Frankfurt. In the same way, it will become the centre of attention in any home.

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