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Hering Berlin

Espresso Bowl

Espresso Bowl

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- Made with porcelain

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Mix and Match: This concept is a leitmotif in all designs by Stefanie Hering. But nowhere is it more evident within a collection than in "Alif": the series of tableware, named after the first letter of the Arabic alphabet, was the first collection with intensely coloured elements designed by Stefanie Hering. It contains elements with deep blue calligraphic signets set close together as well as objects with sparing gold decoration or those with reduced blue ornaments in the tradition of the great blue decors - from the onion pattern to the Scandinavian muslin painting. Depending on your taste, you can choose one of these decor variants and mix it tone on tone with parts of other Hering Berlin collections. Or you can remain true to "Alif" and enjoy the sophisticated interplay of fullness and reduction.

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