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Dessert Knife

Dessert Knife

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-Made in France
-Silver plated

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by Christofle, arrived at through contracting the words "spatula" and "contours". The word spatula (of latin origin), describes a broadbladed, knife-like implement. French definitions liken it to a "petite pelle" - small server. The spatula shape is easily recognized in the extremities of the flatware. The word "contours" means outlines; in the case of this pattern, sinuous curved outlines. The style is quite classical of which there are many variations to be found from the XVIII century. The contour, being most elegant and perfectly adapted to the hand, has often been used by Christofle, especially for patterns from the XIX century. It has come to constitute one of the characteristics from which we achieve what is known as the "Christofle style". The Spatours pattern is, however, not representative of the Louis XV style as it is quite bare in appearance. The Louis XV style is usually more charged with design. For Spatours, the sobriety of the pattern is its strength, permitting it to fit harmoniously to tables dressed with pieces of different styles and eras. Therefore it is no surprise that it is often selected when a difficult choice is to be made. The spatula is ornamented by a double line which continues along the elongated stalk, ending in a bud borrowing the same design as that of the spatula. This marks the beginning of both the bowl (spoon) and the four-tined fork.
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