Vendor: Meissen

Type: Blossom

Covered Vase

Sku: CMMG/SB/504

  • Regular price £25,000

Product Details

– Handcrafted in Germany

– Hand Embossed

– Hand Modelled and Handpainted

– Handpainted

Product Description

The Snowball Blossom Covered vase is an enchanting and historic piece from the Meissen Limited Masterworks collection. This delicate Baroque masterpiece, created by the modeler Johann Joachim Kaendler in 1739, showcases Meissen's most celebrated Snowball Blossom design. The curved body of this delightful piece tapers into an elegant neck, crowned with a dainty lid. The entire creation is encrusted with a mass of delicate, beautifully crafted, white blossoms nestled side by side with the faintest hint of pink and gold. Gold painted ivy extends up the vase, drawing all the beautifully modeled aspects of this masterpiece together. This stunning covered vase reflects the artisanal expertise and centuries-strong creative tradition, with the delicate floral adornment and subtle paint work.
Dimensions : H - 50cm, D - 22cm

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