Thomas Goode Lilly of the valley Cake stand
Baccarat Louxor Round vase
Baccarat Louxor Round vase
Baccarat Papillon Lucky butterfly gold
Baccarat Octogone Vase
Baccarat louxor Pencil holder
Baccarat Louxor Round vase
Baccarat Harcourt Baluster vase
Baccarat Harcourt Straight vase
Baccarat Zoo Duck jewelry box
Baccarat Faunacrystopolis Bird votive
Baccarat Faunacrystpolis Bird bud vase
Baccarat Zoo Clear frog
Daum Camelia Small violet bowl
Baccarat Papillon Lucky blue scarabee
Baccarat Papillon Lucky iridescent butterfly
Daum Sculpture Tiger
Daum Sculpture Blue butterfly
Daum Sculpture Valentines heart
Daum Artelier Lion
Daum Artelier Bear
Daum Camelia Small rose bowl
Daum Camelia Large rose bowl
Daum Camelia Rose ornamental flower
Daum Camelia Rose decorative flower
Daum Camelia Rose mirror
Daum Camelia Small rose vase
Daum Camelia Large rose vase
Daum Camelia Violet perfume bottle
Daum Camelia Large violet bowl
Daum Camelia Violet decorative flower
Daum Camelia Small violet vase